Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas

I'm about thinking Valentine's Day already.  Most specifically, dinner.  If given the opportunity to host a small dinner party, here are some of the things I would include:

These votives can be used everywhere from the foyer, to the buffet table to the dinner table.  If you really want to carry your theme throughout the house, put a few in the powder room as well.

Welcome your guests to a wonderful night filled with laughter, great conversation and delicious food with this beautiful-looking and great-tasting cocktail.

Why settle for plain table cards? Use this favor box for both seating arrangements and sending your guests home with something sweet.

Break up the redness of Valentine's Day with a beauiful pewter or platinum colored silver tablecloth.

Using unusual vessels to serve different courses of a meal keeps it interesting.  Here, the Crab Salad is served in dessert bowl.

Who can resist Surf & Turf?

What a better way to end a meal that with fresh strawberries dipped in a decadent chocolate?

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