Friday, January 8, 2010

A space just for me

When we purchased our home almost 8 years ago, my husband laid claim to the basement as his domain. I was fine with it because it gave me free reign over the rest of the house.  Fast forward to 4 years ago when our first daughter arrived and when everything changed.  The extra bedroom became my mom and dad's official bedroom because they make it a point to visit at least once a month to visit their two grandbabies.  The basement is a hodge podge of my husband's "manly" stuff and my girls girlee toys.  It seems that everyone has a place just for them, except me.  Imagine my surprise, happiness and glee when I found this picture on the Better Homes and Garden website under Storage and Homekeeping. 

I found storage boxes at Container Store priced between $8.99 and $16.99 that would match the decor in addition to not offending my husband with to much "girliness":

I checked out ClosetMaid products online at Lowes and figured that the shelves and brackets would cost approximately $70.  Then I started searching for a sturdy work surface and found this desk at IKEA:
And in order to hide my space and still be stylish, I found curtain panels also from IKEA with suspension curtain rod to create a divider from the common area of the basement.

I'm not sure how long it will take to get my space but I've already printed the picture out for hubby so that he can start taking measurements.....

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  1. That will be so nice when you have it finished! Our basement is an unfinished garage/storage area that we would like to enclose and create a playroom and craftroom. I'm excited for you, it will be nice when you have your own space!