Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There are four us (five if you include the dog) that live in a three-level townhouse and I'm constantly wishing/begging/praying for more space.  Short of throwing everything out, what is a woman to do?  There things you have must keep, things you want to keep and things that you need every once and a while.  Better Homes and Gardens website have fantastic ideas on storage around the house. 

Glass Organizers
Decorative glass containers are ideal holdalls for small items in the bathroom, office, or kitchen. They're the perfect size to store small scoops, tea bags, and muffin cups.

Shoe Box Storage

Find fabrics quickly and effortlessly by storing them in plastic shoe box storage containers. They're the perfect size to easily organize quilters' fat quarters fabrics and other sewing supplies.

Shower Caddy Gift-Wrap Organization

Wall-mount a shower caddy for the perfect gift-wrapping center. Store cards and stationery on the shelves. Attach ribbon to a mesh container and hang it from one of the hooks to store pens and pencils. Rest wrapping paper on the bottom shelf and hang scissors from a hook.

Portable Storage

Stash a journal, reading glasses, and CDs in a shower caddy to create portable storage space. Tote your calming essentials anywhere in the house.

Underbed Storage
Give old dresser drawers a new spin with paint, hardware, and corner casters. These easy-roll bins fit below a bed; store sweaters, blankets, or toys; and thwart kids' haphazard kick-it-under-the-dust-ruffle cleaning routines.

Pocket Change

Favorite books, stuffed animals, or blankies should be kept readily available for those scary, stormy nights. A do-it-yourself pocket tucked under the mattress can be made using numerous materials. Or stash these items in hanging organizers for accessories or shoes.


Open Cubbies

Open cubbies both store and organize your laundry room necessities and let you find what you need at a glance. A unit with variable-size openings like this one may need to be custom-built, but storage cubbies with uniform openings are readily available online.

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