Sunday, January 15, 2012

Low Tech Weight Loss Buddy...

Last week's weigh in was a happy one...2 more pounds gone.  Combined with getting compliments from co-workers saying that they can see that I'm losing weight, last week was awesome. This week strategy was letting go of stress any way possible.  What worked for me was doing a to-do list every day.  I had lists going for work, home and as President of the Prince George's Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals.  Simultaneously, there were multiple balls in the air and I had no one to delegate to.  It was beginning to stress me out and I couldn't focus on where to get started.  One night I wrote down each area of responsibility on separate pages in my notebook and every night I would write down what needed to be done.  Not that I expected to get everything done the very next day but it released my mind from the pressure of how much had to get done.  You know what happened? I slept like a rock every single night which meant I woke up energized which meant I didn't crave sugary, carb-filled foods during the day.  No emotional eating, no eating to keep me awake.  The wonderful, incredible to do list was my weight loss buddy this week.  So low-tech but oh so very effective.  

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