Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm No Jennifer Hudson...

But I'm singing it's a new day and I'm feeling good.....

Okay, before I get into that, let me first say that this blog as been neglected (kind of like how I've neglected myself) and its content is all over the place (kind of like how I say yes when I should be saying "no").  I love putting together beautiful personal parties in intimate settings, I love realizing that losing weight for a "special event" is for the birds (I need to do it for my health) and I love doing projects around my home and being crafty.  When I thought about what I loved, it became very clear about what I needed to write about: parties, weight loss, home projects and crafts.  Sounds like a lot?  It is, but it's who I am and it's what makes me happy.  If you aren't doing something that you love, what is the point?

Ok, back to the reason for the post...I joined Weight Watchers about 8 weeks ago and so far I've lost 5.8 pounds.  Doesn't seem like a lot over the course of 6 weeks but for me its a huge achievement because I'm losing weight and not gaining :-) Slow and steady wins the race (or at least that's how the saying goes).  This isn't my first time enrolling in Weight Watchers.  As a matter of fact, this is my 5th time.  You might be asking, "Why did you enroll for the 5th time??" The answer is simple, the program works but I wasn't putting the work in to see results.  Your next question is probably, "Well, what's so different now?"  That's a real easy answer...ME.  My goals are realistic and I'm running my own race.  I'm not comparing my journey with anyone else's journey.

Here I am at my 40th Birthday Celebration on 12/10/11 (5.8 pounds lost).  I'm a visual person, so seeing progression is important to me.  Hope you don't me mind me chronicling this journey.

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