Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative Spark - Upholstered Banker's Box

The saying is "necessity is the mother of invention".  I say, "I'm bored...let me make something".  This time around, I really did need something to put family picture albums in.  I got sick of looking at them on the dining room chair.  In the process of cleaning my dining room, I came across a banker's box that I used to transport items to my 40th birthday party.  I had a lightbulb moment...I have fabric and batting to cover this.  I used upholstery fabric leftover from when I recovered my kitchen chairs, batting left over from quilt that I haven't finished, scissors, stapler and a glue gun.

Here's the box covered with batting:

Box partially covered with fabric.  I got stuck on trying to figure out the pleating...

Finally figured out the pleating:

Here's the inside of the box.  The obsessive compulsive in me will probably finish it out at some point, but I just wanted to get this puppy done.

Can't forget the lid.  How lucky was I to have a perfectly matched solid in almost the same type of fabric?  It wasn't was leftover fabric from covering my kitchen chairs for the 4th time.

Here's the finish product.  I am so happy how nice it turned out!  My girlfriends have all requested a box to match different rooms in their house.  I'm thinking about making some more to match my craft room.

Now, if I didn't tell you, would you think this was a banker's box wrapped in upholstery fabric?  If I was looking for fabric to match my living room furniture, I would still be searching for it.

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