Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before any other title, I'm always Ayanna

So a co-worker told me that I should have my own television show because of how funny and fabulous I am.  Really? I had to tell her that I wasn't all that fabulous and I'm funny because I would rather laugh than cry.  The compromise was this blog.

I'm a wife of 11 years and a mom to two absolutely beautiful girls.  I'm an administrative professional which means even the most minor of projects causes me to create a spreadsheet and a corresponding powerpoint presentation. I'm also the owner of an event planning company (  Fulfilling my duties of the first three titles often keeps me from working on the last.  I'm not bitter, but I wish I could get my business off the ground.

So this blog will have a bit of everything from my ramblings about my battle with weight loss to the latest craft I create to helpful tips/hints/websites/articles (mostly pertaining to Moms and social event planning).

Hope you come back and visit. 


  1. Love it, love it, absolutely love it! Can't wait to see this grow, Ayanna! Happy that you'll be able to share some of your wisdom with a lot of folk. :-)

  2. Congratulations girl. I am always excited to see, what will Ayanna do next! You have always been a good friend and someone I can learn from, so I am looking forward to seeing what's going on and what you have to say. May God Bless you and this blog and may you continue to inspire others. I may have to try this... Or may I should just leave it for you!